Software skills

Software management

Installation of accounting software operating under Windows and customizable according to your needs (general accounting, account receivable, account payable, cost accounting, salary, stock, etc…)   
With many years of experience with the GIT solutions, we offer specialised advice for salary management, general accounting, account payable and trade receivable.   

  • WinEur (general accounting, account payable and trade receivable,and cost accounting)
  • WinSalaires (salary management)
  • BOSS software:  sizeable tools as per your needs  
    TimeSheet: time management tool, for fiduciaries, lawyers; there is also a version for construction   
    Billing: client management, reminders, etc…  
    Maintenance management (CAMM): It is very important to have a follow-up tool of maintenance contracts. Thanks to a status report of installations, an intelligent planning of interventions is possible. This tool also manages the surfaces of your buildings.   
  • Other accounting software:  
    Thanks to our experience, we can evaluate and propose any other accounting software, payroll management or data base.